Our Team

Steven E. Roth

Steven has owned and operated construction and development companies since 1977 and is currently responsible for product design, acquisition and project entitlement.

Cleve Cushing

Cleve Cushing has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has managed Billions of construction dollars, mostly on the commercial and industrial sector.

Kevin Okeefe

Kevin is highly knowledgeable in all phases of construction and understands what is required to obtain correct high quality assemblies and allows nothing less, there are no shortcuts.

Christie L. Roth

Chris has been in charge of interior décor and design since the start of Roth Homes in 1991, and she is available today to aid clients with interior selections. She has built a great team using the best product sales representatives in the valley. Chris is also a licensed realtor in the great state of Idaho.

Paul Case

Design manager. Roth Homes was fortunate find Paul in Feb of 2015. Paul has a genuine concern in attending to every detail, and doing the job right.

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